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Light of the World

19th April 2020

New Creation in Jesus

12th April 2020
The Story that John tells us in his gospel – the word becoming flesh – is not a story about God saving us out of this world but of the…

A message to GraceChurch from Phil Wallis in Zambia.'Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trial of many kinds...'

Peace and Purpose

29th March 2020
Jesus came to give us life in all its fullness. One way we experience this fullness is in knowing his peace in the midst of whatever storms are going on…
The Cross of Jesus was a fatal blow to the enemy but not the final blow. We live between the fatal blow and the final victory. This has been called…
King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream over  2500 years ago. A dream foretelling the rise and fall of many Kingdoms - including his own ("there is no such thing as a…
Why try to understand the Kingdom of God? Jesus talked more about the Kingdom of  God than anything else. We need to grasp this to understand much of what Jesus…

John no.3 The Temple

23rd February 2020
The temple system had failed. It had become an exclusive club, not a light to the nations. The presence of God had long since left the temple and in the…

John No.2 – Who are you?

29th January 2020
Who am I. A question that dominates our culture. The book of John is essentially about identities. John wrote his gospel that we may come to know the true identity of Jesus and believe in him. John says that life awaits those who really understand who Jesus is. In this passage John is asked by the religious leaders 'who are you?'. His response, we find, is to point them to Jesus. Johns identity is grounded on who Jesus is.

John no.1

23rd January 2020
We look at two themes from the opening chapter of John: The Word and Creation. The Word: Jesus is ’The Word’ - The ultimate communication of who God is - The…

The best gift

22nd December 2019
Is it better to give or receive? What is the best present we can receive this Christmas?

One body many gifts

17th November 2019

Listening to Jesus

10th November 2019

Robin Vincent

13th October 2019

Richard Thomas – Acts 20

15th September 2019


25th August 2019
What is our relationship with money? The emotional connection we have with money and what the Bible says about the power of money.