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Solid leadership inspires us, but it is good character that provides security. Jonathan and Steve function as elders of Gracechurch. Each brings a different gifting and they work hard to ensure unity and genuine friendship.

Steve and Felicity Vincent

Opposites definitely attract. The Vincents are a family of extremes, Steve likes the quiet life, but Felicity has other ideas, often trying to fit in more than time allows! They love camping, walking (some more than others), adventure and living in Charford. They are excited to be part of all God is doing there.

Jonathan and Claire Coleman

Whilst Claire is racing around after their four children (Josiah, Isaac, Esther and Jude), Jonathan works as a GP in a surgery as well as the local prison. They’re a very active family too and are all involved in various sports activities. Claire’s Rocky Road brownies are a particularly mouth-watering hit.