We are not giving up meeting together…

…its just going to be different!

We remain family on a mission, but how we do family will look very different over the coming weeks and months.

Social distancing…

Due to the government guidance on social distancing, which we want to fully support, we will be moving to online meetings.

These are unprecedented times and as we work things out together and with the wider community around us let’s keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. We remain first and foremost, followers of Jesus. Let’s keep in step with the spirit, and be demonstrators of love, bringers of peace and givers of Hope. Unprecedented times bring unprecedented opportunities for the gospel to be proclaimed in word and deed.

  • Due to the restrictions on meeting together we are not able to hold our Sunday meetings in the same way. We will not be gathering together on Sundays until further notice.
  • Instead we will be moving online. Further details available via this link as they develop.
  • These measure have been implemented very quickly and we will update you as things evolve.
  • In line with the government guidelines we will not be meeting during the week in our smaller groups.
  • We will be encouraging and equipping lifegroup leaders to continue meeting online.
  • We are a family together and for the foreseeable future the support of one another will be as vital as ever – If you are in need of anything please contact your lifegroup leaders as a first port of call.

Please continue to pray for those affected by this virus, those caring for the unwell, and for wisdom for those making decisions in government and NHS at this time.