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John 2:1-11 "The old has gone and the new has come" At a wedding, Jesus turns water into wine and shows the people who he is. But what is the…

John no.3 The Temple

23rd February 2020
The temple system had failed. It had become an exclusive club, not a light to the nations. The presence of God had long since left the temple and in the…

John No.2 – Who are you?

29th January 2020
Who am I. A question that dominates our culture. The book of John is essentially about identities. John wrote his gospel that we may come to know the true identity of Jesus and believe in him. John says that life awaits those who really understand who Jesus is. In this passage John is asked by the religious leaders 'who are you?'. His response, we find, is to point them to Jesus. Johns identity is grounded on who Jesus is.

John no.1

23rd January 2020
We look at two themes from the opening chapter of John: The Word and Creation. The Word: Jesus is ’The Word’ - The ultimate communication of who God is - The…